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Works by the artists introduced on INDEX-covers are available as INDEX editions.

For the past years, the cover of INDEX has been designed by artists who live or work in Berlin and who work mainly with photography. These artists include Jeremy Shaw, Annette Kelm, Michael Schmidt, Tobias Zielony, Marieta Chirulescu, Boris Mikhailov, Sven Johne, Simon Denny, Nina Pohl and FORT as many others. Their images lend the pocket-format exhibition calendar its unique visual presence.

Just as with the covers, the editions available are either photographs or generated using photomechanical techniques. 
The editions are published as an occasional series, and the edition sizes are varying.

Jeremy Shaw
Rapture Study - Post Magazine

December 1938 / Toysmith Optics Insect-Vision (blue)

84 cm x 59 cm
edition of 8 + 2 AP
€950 (unframed, plus tax)

Jeremy Shaw’s works often focus on the condition of people who deviate from normative behaviors, in particular through trancelike physical and psychological states.

The Canadian artist (b. 1977) manipulates and documents the behavior of carefully selected people who have taken drugs or other consciousness-changing substances, or who act extremely differently because of ecstatic experiences of religion or dance. Sometimes he contributes directly to this change of consciousness – as in his early work DMT (2004), which was first shown at the Presentation House Gallery in Vancouver – and sometimes he is simply present when people experience states of ecstasy as a result of dance, religion, or group ideology, as in the video Best Minds Part One (2007). His much admired film Variation FQ (2011–13) is a choreographic piece staged with a star from the voguing dance scene, which originated in the underground clubs of Harlem in the 1980s.

The silkscreen print that the artist has made for INDEX editions shows a woman moving or dancing. She seems obviously in the midst of in a ritualistic state of rapture. The work’s vivid emotional intensity and its simultaneous contemplative qualities are due not only to the appropriated image itself but also to the special printing techniques used to make the print, which is available either in blue or in black and white.

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Tobias Zielony
The Yard


C-Print (unframed)
42,5 cm x 28 cm.
Edition: 25 + 4 AP.
€ 850 (plus tax)

Tobias Zielony lives in Berlin; he was born in Wuppertal in 1973. In his work, the artist mainly usesdocumentary photography to engage with the image of youth cultures in different parts of the world, for example in Naples, Marseille, or Winnipeg. For INDEX editions, the photographer chose a motif showing a young man lost in thought in a gloomy environment that could be interpreted as drab reality, the scenery of a futuristic theater play, or the set of an advertising campaign. Zielony often succeeds in questioning the clichés of documentary contemporaneity in a strikingly manifold way.

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Natalie Czech
A Hidden Poem by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann


Piezo-Print (unframed)
38 cm x 29,3 cm.
Edition: 12 + 3 AP
€ 700 (plus tax)

Natalie Czech was born in Neuss in 1976, and now lives in Berlin. The edition  made for INDEX is part of the series "Hidden Poems", where the artist creates photographs that engage with text-image relations. To do this, she combines a photograph and a poem. This photograph shows a review of Czech’s work published in the art magazine Camera Austria International. In the text, which is located under an image of one of her "Hidden Poems" by Wolf Dieter Brinkmann, she makes another poem by Brinkmann visible by underscoring certain words.

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Florian Auer


70 x 50 cm (unframed)
Edition 12 + 3 AP
€ 500 (plus tax)

Florian Auer engages with a range of trial and error techniques in the industrial age’s productions optimization and lifestyle propaganda during the crossover to the age of digital information management. His sculptures and paintings are composed of objects that represent these changes and the “asynchrony of technical, economic and social developments” (as quoted from Dietrich Roeschman) – for example IBM’s first flatscreen, which in its time was too advanced to be trusted by customers, and was discredited as just a bulky container. The artist has for the second time sampled his own sculptural work for INDEX. It is a recurring photo of an obviously favorite object – a punching bag in the form of a piece of meat. This sports equipment, “designed” with a sarcastic fury, becomes emblematic of the challenge of the human body, which threatens to disappear in the confusion of the contemporary commodification of everything tangible and visible.

Florian Auer was born in Augsburg in 1984.
Since finishing his studies at the Städelschulein Frankfurt am Main, he has lived and studied in Berlin. He is represented by Gallery Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler
His first major solo exhibitions in 2013 had been presented by the Neue Aachner Kunstverein and S.M.A.K. in Ghent.

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Miriam Böhm


43 x 28 cm (unframed)
Edition: 12 + 3 AP
€ 550 (plus tax)

Marieta Chirulescu


70 cm x 50 cm (unframed)
Editionsize: 25 + 4 AP
€ 550 (plus tax)

Marieta Chirulescu was born in Romania in 1974 and now lives in Berlin. Recent solo exhibitions took place at Galerie Micky Schubert, Kunstverein Nürnberg, and Kunsthalle Basel. Chirulescu is interested in the production of the (in)distinguishability of original and copy, for which she uses various reproduction techniques. She often uses different modes of printing and copying, which she combines, for example laser-chrome prints mounted on diasec, inkjet prints on canvas, photocopies attached to canvas, prints of scanned photographs and negatives, as well as prints based on data manipulated with the aid of Photoshop. Her work for Index Editions is an inkjet print whose source file was produced with the aid of superimposing two techniques.

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